“If I am continually maturing and helping others grow in their faith, I am likely
multiplying in my faith journey.”

In order to become a passionate, maturing follower of Jesus, I can take steps to impact God’s Kingdom and disciple and lead others.


Those who are multiplying are not only disciples themselves, but they are making disciples. Life is lived intentionally to help others grow and to see God’s Kingdom impacted. Connecting with younger believers and helping them grow spiritually is the best faith step for you if you are in the multiplying stage of your spiritual journey. As you do this, you’ll see how God has uniquely wired you to impact His kingdom. Below are some ways we’d like to partner with you in that.


Use your gifts strategically: lead others in ministry and teach others Biblical truth.
Those multiplying in their faith journey are already using their gifts to impact God’s Kingdom. Your next step is to become a teacher or leader in your area of service. We’d love to talk to you about what leadership might look like for you, whether in the area of leading a missional community, a short term mission trip, teaching a learning community, or becoming an elder or deacon.

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Invest in (disciple) younger believers.
If you’re a multiplier, you seek out opportunities to be a spiritual parent to those just starting out in their faith. We’d love to partner you with someone who is exploring the Christian faith or just beginning their spiritual journey. If you’re interested in helping disciple others, fill out the short form below.

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Participate in a Growth Group.
Growth Groups are learning environments that teach, train, equip people in their next faith step, emphasizing personal growth. For those multiplying in their spiritual journey, we’re launching three unique growth groups to mobilize your next step.

  • Apologetics - Learning how to defend the faith with tact and fact is one of the more challenging tasks we face, but it is something that we can learn and master. This Growth Group will help address some of the more challenging questions/issues surrounding our faith and equip you to answer the questions/dilemmas that hold people back.

  • Bible (Revelation) - This Growth Group will help provide a deeper understanding to the first half of the Apostle John’s letter Revelation.

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