vision follow-up

You heard from Greg on Vision Sunday that MCs play a strategy role in reaching the 440,000. We are calling this Gospel Saturation - flooding Anne Arundel County and beyond with the gospel through Missional Communities. We are going after 1 MC per 1,000 who are not yet Christians. That means we are praying that God would grow us to 440 MCs in the next ten years. Check out this quick video to hear this vision to reach the 440 applies to you today.

MC discussion guide FOR Philippians sermon series

This sermon series will take us up to the Christmas season. Here is how Pastor Greg describes the letter: “Paul wrote Philippians in the last years of his life from a prison in Rome facing the prospect of execution. He was alone, except for Timothy and a few friends. The secret for Paul was that he had learned to set his mind (Phil 4:8, 2:3,5, 3:19-21). Philippians is about joy. 16 times “joy” is mentioned.  Paul has learned joy and contentment regardless of the state he is in. And Philippians is about humility. The humility of mind to regard others more important than self; the humility of Jesus; the humility of being content with humble means”

Just a heads up, on November 2-3 we will have a visiting speaker, Ken Boa, president of Reflections Ministry and friend of Pastor Greg. Ken is also an author of many books, several we have used in our Growth Groups. This might be a good week to one of the following:


Welcome to a new ministry year! With every new start comes fresh opportunities and excitement. That’s why so many love the Fall season: kids are back in school, football is starting up, the leaves are starting to change their color, and the weather (hopefully) is beginning to change. This guide will help you harness this opportunity to dream about the future and unite your MC family as you march into this next ministry year. If you have any questions, reach out to allen.smith@bayareacc.org.

MC Update from Jocelyn

We are excited about Jocelyn’s new role at Bay Area! This year’s primary focus at Bay Area’s is developing a culture of service at all levels - and our very own Jocelyn will be leading the way. Although she will no longer oversee Missional Communities, she will continue to consult us as well as participate in her own MC. We can help her on-board to her new role by directing all your emails and questions to Allen Smith (allen.smith@bayareacc.org). Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions or concerns. We are here for you!

MOST RECENT Version of “The UP, IN & OUT”

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