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OUT Dates for 2018

In an effort to be better about reaching the 440,000 lost people in Anne Arundel County, we’re locking arms to host participate in four key missional events from now until the new year. Mark your calendars and start to get some ideas going with your communities.

SEPTEMBER - Dinner Party: Week of 9/23

It’s our first OUT week! Our goal is for 100% of missional communities to participate. In lieu of meeting and studying the Exodus series, each MC will host a dinner party, barbecue or bon fire and invite neighbors and people of peace. Some helpful ideas: make fliers to hand out, invite the neighborhood kids, BBQ in your front yard so your neighbors can see what you’re up to.

OCTOBER - Trunk or Treat: Friday, 10/19

Trunk or Treat! Our local outreach team expects more than 10,000 people to attend this year. In lieu of meeting that week, we’d like each MC to host a trunk or volunteer to serve those who will be attending. More info coming soon but in the meantime, direct any questions to alex.williams@bayareacc.org.

NOVEMBER - Friendsgiving: Before Thanksgiving on 11/22

Choose a home and host a friendsgiving with your MC, neighbors, and people of peace. Do it potluck style - invite each person to choose a dish. Pause for a moment during dinner to each share something you’re thankful for.

DECEMBER - Grace Bomb: All Month Long

An entire month dedicated to grace bombing those in our local community. It’s going to be BIG. More info coming really soon!

discuss in community before 9/16

Over the next eight weeks, we’ll be looking closely at the book of Exodus.

Authored by Moses, the book of Exodus is the second book of the Bible. It’s intended to be a continuation of the book of Genesis, as it continues the history of God’s people. It is split into two major chunks. Chapters 1-18 talk specifically about the event of the exodus: God rescuing the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Chapters 19 through the end of the book unfold the events of the Israelites at Mt. Sinai. We see much of human nature in this book. It’s easy to distance ourselves from the behavior of the Israelites, yet looking through a lens of honesty, we find ourselves just as stubborn, forgetful, rebellious and faithless. But we also learn much about God. We see His faithfulness: God’s promise to Abraham came to fruition as his descendants have multiplied into a great nation. Then, later, God binds himself to the Israelites in covenant relationship. We see God as rescuer: He provides deliverance from slavery and evil. We see God as personal: He dwells among them and guides them. The themes of Exodus are timeless: each of us chooses to go our own way, but in spite of that, God remains faithful. He desires to be with us and makes a way for our relationship to be restored.

We're providing all the content to you ahead of time. You can view it in PDF form by clicking the big blue button. Feel free to share this with your community via link, but it's better if they pick up a physical copy on Sunday, 9/9 or any week thereafter.