Join us for an MC Leader Huddle to learn more about our new MC pastor and our plans for the coming months.

  • Sunday, Dec. 9 - 9:20 or 11:20 AM

  • Sunday, Dec. 16 - 9:20 or 11:20 AM

OUT Dates for 2018

In an effort to be better about reaching the 440,000 lost people in Anne Arundel County, we’re locking arms to participate in four key missional events from now until the new year. Mark your calendars and start to get some ideas going with your communities.

NOVEMBER - Friendsgiving: Before Thanksgiving on 11/22

Choose a home and host a friendsgiving with your MC, neighbors, and people of peace. Do it potluck style - invite each person to choose a dish. Pause for a moment during dinner to each share something you’re thankful for.

DECEMBER - Grace Bomb: All Month Long

An entire month dedicated to grace bombing those in our local community. It’s going to be BIG. More info coming really soon!

discuss in community STARTING 12/2

The series centers around the events surrounding the incarnation, and the incarnation itself. This event which came about in the “fullness of time” was the time when heaven literally collides with earth. God showing up on earth in human form answers forever the questions of “Is God really there, and if so does he really care?” Jesus is our Salvation, He is the gift of grace. His birth was an explosion of love that has the power to change everything, and His message is the only weapon of mass construction in the world today. The biggest Grace Bomb to have ever hit humanity is Jesus. Filled afresh with this life giving truth, we are all the more ready to point people to Him, by bringing slices of heaven to earth through Spirit-led good works that have been prepared in advance for us to do.

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discuss in community STARTING 11/11

Over the next three weeks, Greg will lead us through a series on reconciliation. We’ll start by looking at how we are reconciled with God through Christ’s work. We’ll move to how we are then reconciled to each other, and we’ll land by examining our role in the ministry of reconciliation. Click the button to follow our weekly guide.