Learning communities are intended to strengthen your biblical knowledge, character and/or practical ministry skills. They are also an opportunity to get to know others at Bay Area on Sunday mornings in an environment of learning and interaction.


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Sundays 12/3-17, 11:20 a.m. in Dock A. This is a prayer workshop for couples. Our desire is for you to pray with your spouse, regularly. If you do not pray with him or her, if you did and stopped, or if you do so intermittently, this LC is for you. This three-week LC designed to create space and time for communicating with the Lord in your marriage, as husbands and wives, and joined as one before our Heavenly Father.


Sundays 1/14-2/11, 11:20 a.m. in Docks A & B. The book of Psalms contains seven Hebrew words translated in English Bibles as the word praise. Join us for this interactive, 5-week class as we use Chris Tomlin’s book “Holy Roar” and selected Psalms to study each Hebrew word for praise and deepen our understanding and practice of worship. The majority of each class will be held in a single, large group setting, with men and women splitting into separate small groups near the end of each class. 


Sundays 1/7-2/11, 9:20 a.m. in Dock B. High-schoolers are invited to participate in "Big Story of the Bible," an eight-week LC beginning January 7 that will cover the basic themes of the Bible including: Creation, The Fall, Restoration, People of God, Jesus, The Church, and The World Restored.

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If you are like me, Jesus is not just the way we start a Sunday morning, but the way that we start every day – and live every day. He is the Author, Creator and Sustainer of life. He is alive and well, seated in power, and involved in our everyday lives. The closer we live connected with Jesus, the closer our lives are aligned with our purpose and filled with joy.

One of the primary ways we get to know Jesus better is to know the Bible better. The Bible is not just an old religious book of rules. Rather it is God’s inspired Word about Jesus that guides us to true and eternal life. I believe that time spent learning and applying the Bible in a community of people trying to do the same ultimately will lead to spiritual growth.

That's why, on Sunday mornings, in smaller groups of people, we offer many different Learning Communities to help us learn, apply and live out the Bible. These courses make up three main emphasis of learning: Head, Heart and Hands.

- Pat Linnell, Teaching Pastor