We’re each on a spiritual journey. Whether we are just exploring faith, beginning our journey, growing into Christlikeness, or multiplying disciples, we each have a next step of faith to take. One way we can lean into these steps is by participating in a Growth Group - a new offering to help each of us at Bay Area grow spiritually as we walk the Discipleship Pathway. Growth Groups are learning environments that teach, train and equip us in our next faith steps. Each Growth Group lasts about six weeks and has an emphasis on personal growth. There are unique focuses specific to each spiritual life stage, intended to help us establish new habits, embrace new ways of thinking, and become more like Jesus as we learn together in community. 



Wednesdays, May 8 - June 12, 7-8:30 p.m.



Those who are asking questions about faith are exploring.

Starting Point

In Starting Point, your questions about God turn into a conversation about faith. Discuss your doubts and explore the trickiest topics of faith, free from pressure and judgment.



Those who are new to a relationship with Jesus or needing to take some fundamental steps of faith are beginning.

Spiritual Gifts

An introduction to spiritual gifts as taught in the Bible. What are they? Where are they found? How do I know what my gifts are? This group should help young believers not only understand spiritual gifts but also help participants learn what their specific gifts are and how they can use them.

Bible 201 - New Testament Survey

For someone who has never read through the Bible or perhaps even opened the Bible, this Growth Group would provide a basic understanding of the books in the New Testament, how they are organized and structured, the differences in writing styles/genres, and how to read them.


Giving is not about what God wants from you, but what He wants for you! Yet, few followers of Jesus fully experience this truth. Grasp God's heart for generosity in this six-week Growth Group as we explore the biblical basis for financial giving, what it means to be faithful stewards of our resources, how to prioritize our finances and experience financial freedom using a budget, and more.

Foundations 1

Similar to NT Survey, this Growth Group should provide a basic approach to the key systematic theologies: doctrines of God (attributes & revelation), Jesus (person and work of Christ), Holy Spirit, Bible (inspiration & authority).



Those who are regularly meeting with Jesus and being changed more into His likeness are growing.


For those growing in their faith who have learned the basic inductive skills and who want to take their learning to a deeper level, this Growth Group will teach you how to study and understand the Bible more effectively. It will cover principles that help you observe (what do you see), interpret using grammatical tools (what message is the author communicating), and apply the Biblical text to your life.

Spiritual Disciplines

For those who regularly practice the foundational spiritual disciplines (reading the Bible, meditating and prayer) but who desire to take their relationship and intimacy with Christ deeper, this Growth Group will focus on the more infrequent disciplines of fasting, silence and solitude, intercessory prayer, and maintaining the sabbath.

New Testament Survey - Galatians

Six-week survey of the book of Galatians, with inductive study, outlines and context.


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Those who are continually maturing and helping others grow in their faith are multiplying.


Learning how to defend your faith with tact and fact is one of the more challenging tasks we face, but it is something that we can learn and master. This Growth Group will help address some of the more challenging questions/issues surrounding our faith and equip you to answer the questions/dilemmas that hold people back.

Bible - Revelation

Part 1. This Growth Group will help provide a deeper understanding to the first half of the Apostle John’s letter Revelation.