“If I am regularly meeting with Jesus and being changed more into His likeness, I am likely
growing in my faith journey.”

In order to grow as a passionate, maturing follower of Jesus, I can take steps to abide with Christ and engage in ministry.


Those who are growing in their spiritual journey are learning more and more what it means to live out God’s purpose for their lives. It’s where beliefs and spiritual habits turn into action. God changes us as we meet with him daily in His Word and through prayer, and we’re able to love God and others with greater impact. As you continue to grow, lean more into serving using your gifts, sharing your faith, serving the nations, and asking God how you can be more generous. This will take you out of your comfort zone and into a new, deeper place with God. Below are some ways we want to help you do that.


Serve using your spiritual gifts.
We have a saying here at Bay Area: Serve like Jesus. He served us in love and humility, and we want to imitate Him in that way. There are dozens of opportunities and impactful teams that you can serve on using your unique gifting. Learn more here.

Share the gospel with those around you.
The most loving thing we can ever do is share the gospel with them. Yet so many of us are unprepared or afraid to share. To better equip yourself, learn how to share the gospel, practice with a friend or spouse, and pray for divine opportunities. Learn more here.

Give generously.
God owns it all, we are simply stewards. When we put Jesus first, we live out our faith through many avenues, which includes healthy stewardship of our finances. Your first step might simply be to give regularly and trust God to provide for you. Or you may need to prayerfully consider how to give more sacrificially. Ask God how He might want you to take your next step in the area of giving. Learn more here.


Engage in mission locally and/or globally.
We’re hopeful that you’ve made the step into a missional community at Bay Area. MCs are the heartbeat of reaching our communities beyond the walls of our campus at 884 Chesterfield. Your next step would then to prayerfully consider supporting global missions in one of the following ways: going on a short-term mission trip, praying for a team or global missionary, or giving financially to support an individual or global missionary. Click here to learn more about global missions.

Commit to the local church.
Your next step might be becoming a ministry partner here at Bay Area (or a member of the local church you attend). Ministry Partnership is all about locking arms together to see the mission of making passionate, maturing followers of Jesus from here to the nations a reality. Ministry Partners not only engage with this mission as a part of their lives, they also align philosophically and doctrinally. Click here to learn more about ministry partnership.

Participate in a Growth Group.

Growth Groups are learning environments that teach, train, equip people in their next faith step, emphasizing personal growth. For those growing in their spiritual journey, we’re launching three unique growth groups:

  • Hermeneutics - For those growing in their faith who have learned the basic inductive skills and who want to take their learning to a deeper level, this Growth Group will teach you how to study and understand the Bible more effectively.  It will cover principles that help you observe (“what do you see”), interpret using grammatical tools (“what message is the author communicating”), and apply the Biblical text to our life.

  • Spiritual Disciplines - For those who regularly practice the foundation spiritual disciplines (reading the Bible, meditating, and prayer) but who desire to take their relationship and intimacy with Christ deeper, this Growth Group will focus on the more infrequent disciplines of fasting, silence and solitude, intercessory prayer, and maintaining the sabbath.

  • New Testament Survey: Galatians - Six-week survey of the book of Galatians, with inductive study, outlines, and context.

Click the button below to learn more and get registered.

Recommended Books


If you’d like to discuss your assessment results or speak with someone about taking your next step, reach out to We’d love to help you.