Christmas at Bay Area this year can be summed up in one word, “King.” The word “King” is a powerful and right description for Jesus. He was born King of the Jews. One day He will return as King of kings. And today, He desires to rule as King in our lives.

A throne represents the seat occupied by a king. It’s a seat so magnificent that only an exalted person has the right to occupy it. It represents authority and sovereignty. The throne is the place where the will of a king is exercised. It’s the seat of decisions, the control center where choices are made.

Each of us has a throne. It’s the throne of our heart.


It is the prime real estate of the human soul. Whoever occupies this space will determine the kind of lives we live, what kind of decisions we make, and what kind of purpose we fulfill.

In 2017, all around us are people vying for the throne of our heart. There is a constant and fierce campaign with an infinite pool of candidates competing. In the midst of this spiritual climate, we began to think, pray and plan our Christmas celebrations at Bay Area.

We started by asking the question, “How can we best honor Christ and the bold love he demonstrated for us in this unique season?” The answer is tied to the battle for the throne of people’s hearts. Specifically, Jesus desires not only to be a meaningful part of our lives, but also preeminent. He wants to reign as King of the throne of our hearts.

So this Christmas we will worship our Savior by bringing to light the reality that for many of us (perhaps most of us) Jesus does not sit supremely on the throne of our hearts. We are the constituency of an ongoing spiritual campaign in which too often we fail to crown Him as our preeminent King.   

Our Christmas theme this year will elevate this spiritual reality by creating a worship experience entitled KING: A Christmas Campaign For The Throne Of Your Heart. Much like a modern-day political campaign, there will be three candidates vying for the throne:

Candidate 1: JOHNNY GOLD

Johnny Gold is a metaphor for everything our flesh desires. He is sexy, smart and always finding new ways to keep your attention and desire. He represents the great delights of life. Health, happiness, success, prosperity and security – the promise of the “good life” – are the platform that Johnny runs on in order for you to crown him king.

Candidate 2: YOU

You are the second candidate. Candidate 2 will be represented by snowflake imagery because each of us, like every snowflake, is unique. The “You” candidate promotes ideals of self-help, self-empowerment, self-reliance and the belief in one’s inner strength as the best king. He is self-focused, self-serving and self-preserving. “You” is a pretty good candidate because who knows you better than you?

Both of these candidates make promises of love, satisfaction and fulfillment that will ultimately go unmet. In the end, these kings turn out to be hollow representations of the rightful king.

Candidate 3: JESUS

The final candidate is Jesus. His candidacy is outlined in the Scriptures, demonstrating His worthiness of enthronement. The angel declared to Mary that her son’s kingdom would have no end. The magi worshiped the King born in a manger who would one day enter Jerusalem riding on a donkey. His virgin birth, sinless life, powerful teaching and mighty miracles all extol Him as the true King. And of course, His resurrection is the indisputable proof of His rightful rule.

Jesus is the best candidate, because with Jesus we are able to fulfill our purpose on earth to know God and enjoy him. And when He is seated on the throne of our hearts, we are filled with the love and satisfaction that “Johnny Gold” and “You” can never give.

KING: A Christmas Campaign For The Throne Of Your Heart is an opportunity for each of us to enthrone Jesus again as the rightful King. It is also a unique chance to bring neighbors, co-workers, family and friends to the King who is to rule on the thrones of their hearts. Let’s make the most of this Christmas season. King Jesus doesn’t campaign for Himself. Rather, those who have crowned Him King have been commissioned by Him to tell the world that He is the rightful King of every heart.

We are praying that this spirited Christmas campaign at Bay Area will draw you spiritually closer to Christ. We look forward to seeing you and those you invite at one of our Christmas Eve gatherings, where we’ll all be faced with a choice:

Who will you crown king of the throne of your heart?