Week 1: god provides

Elijah was just like you and me. He had all the same struggles, doubts, insecurities and challenges we face. And yet, God used him in incredible ways! Elijah is our new series on the Old Testament prophet who experienced God's supernatural provision following his obedience and great steps of faith. Join us as we study God's absolute sovereignty and our simple responsibility to obey Him.

Greg St. Cyr

Lead Pastor

Week 2: Mount Carmel

Elijah was a mighty man of faith who stood against great odds and yet had “a nature like ours," he was just like you and me. Sometimes God calls us to stand alone in a world that is opposing His ways. That’s always a challenge. Yet the truth is “one plus God is always a majority.” When we fully trust God, He uses us regardless of the odds. Join us this weekend as we learn how to boldly stand alone for our Lord.

Greg St. Cyr

Lead Pastor

Week 3: Prayer

In this next message of our series, we will continue our study on the life of Elijah, who was a mighty man of prayer. Elijah prays that it would not rain, and the heavens are shut up for over three years. Then he prays again, and the sky pours rain! How did he do it? Join us this weekend as we learn how to pray like Elijah.

Greg St. Cyr
Lead Pastor

Week 4: Overcoming Discouragement

It’s easy to be excited and fired up about life when we are on the mountaintops with God. But the problem is that God doesn’t work in big and exciting ways all the time. It can be easy to get into a funk or even lose hope when it doesn’t seem like God is showing up or our expectations for our lives are not being met. Elijah’s story continues as we find him tired and weary instead of hopeful and courageous. If you need to be encouraged, you’re in good company with Elijah as God meets him and frees him from the funk, just as He desires to do the same for us.

Pat Linnell

Teaching Pastor


Have you ever considered that you play a part in God‘s sovereign plan to reach all people, everywhere? Since Genesis 3, God has been rolling out this plan - calling, preparing and sending every generation to carry the gospel forward. Not only are you and I a part of God’s plan today, but we are a part of His plan to reach the future generations - your kids' and grandkids’ generations. This week, we wrap up our series on Elijah. Before taking him home, the Lord instructs Elijah to invest in and prepare one person, Elisha, who will become one of the most revered prophets in all of scripture.

Brian Hopper

Annapolis Campus Pastor