“If I am new to a relationship with Jesus or taking my first steps of faith, I am likely beginning my faith journey.”

In order to become a passionate, maturing follower of Jesus, I can take steps to solidify my identity in Christ and form new habits.


Be baptized.
We believe that baptism is an outward expression of an inward reality - that you have placed your faith in Jesus and are made new because of that. If you haven’t take the step of baptism, we would encourage you to do so. Learn more here.

Pray about everything.
Prayer is talking to God. Like a parent listening to their child, God wants to hear everything about us: our hopes, dreams, desires and troubles.

Read the Bible daily.
We believe that scripture Begin to set aside a daily time to reflect on the scriptures. If you don’t know where to start, read the book of John and focus specifically on who Jesus is. You might even want to take The 100 Day Challenge where you read the Bible for 100 straight days.

Discover your spiritual gifts.
A great step of growth is to learn about how God has uniquely wired you to serve the body of Christ. Take this spiritual gifts assessment to see what your gifts are, then use that information to help you step into a serving role on a team here at Bay Area.


Join us regularly for weekly gatherings.
Attending weekly gatherings will help make God a weekly priority and enfold you in community with hundreds of other believers. You will be spurred on in your faith through relevant Biblical teaching and heartfelt worship.

Join us at First Step or Next Step.
First Step is great if you are brand new to Bay Area. You can learn about who we are and what your next step here is. If you’ve been attending for a while are interested in committing to community or serving, join us at Next Step. Both events are offered on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings. You can learn more at bayareacc.org/nextsteps.

Connect in community.
Join a missional community, which is a group of believers gathering as extended family who love God back, love each other, and love their neighbor. These communities meet every evening of the all over Anne Arundel County in people’s homes. The best way for you to connect to one is by joining us at Next Step. You can learn more at bayareacc.org/nextsteps.

Recommended Books:

  • Study Bible, English Standard Version

  • The New How to Study Your Bible, by Kay Arthur

  • Now That I’m a Christian, What it Means to Follow Jesus, by C. Michael Patton

  • Chapter A Day Reading Plan, by Bay Area Community Church - Coming soon!

  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, by Donald Whitney

  • A Praying Life, by Paul Miller


To talk more about beginning your faith journey, reach out to us at info@bayareacc.org. We’d love to help you take your next step.