Part 5: according to the angels

Much of what we know about the significance of the Birth of Jesus we know from angels. What did they really say about Jesus? There are surprises in Luke we’ll explore as we look at what “King” means from the angels' perspective.

December 31, 2017
Ed Kelley

PART 3: You

It’s all very natural. After all, from the time YOU were born, life revolved around YOU. Your mother fed, bathed, clothed and took care of all your needs. Each of us is to take personal responsibility for our lives. We must make life’s decisions such as what career to pursue, where to live, what relationships to enter into, how to spend our time. Surely not to do so would be to abdicate our responsibility and independence. After all, who better than YOU? This week, as we continue our series entitled, “King: A Campaign For The Throne Of Your Heart,” we’ll examine the platform of YOU and discover that what seems so very natural and compelling actually brings about consequences in life that are devastating.

December 17, 2017
Greg St. Cyr

PART 2: Johnny gold

This week Jesus meets Johnny Gold. I am imagining the conversation and what Jesus would say to Johnny and the pursuit of the good life. After all, Jesus created good things to be enjoyed. He desires us to work hard and flourish, right? The good life is “good” after all. This is a timely message for many of us who are figuring out what true life is, and what is most valuable during our short time on earth.

December 10, 2017
Pat Linnell

PART 1: The campaign

I always love the Christmas season. This year is going to be especially powerful as we challenge each other with the question, “Who sits on the throne of your heart?” There is a campaign being waged for this throne. Who today is the leading candidate? 

December 3, 2017
Greg St. Cyr