JAMES 5: The Distracted Life

We’ve all seen it - a person who is not paying attention, perhaps staring at their phone, when they run into something, fall, trip or wander off course. Truth is, we’ve all done it - been distracted. It’s easy to do. The distracted life is defined by a preoccupation with what I have and what I do. It focuses on the wrong things for too long and distracts us from what is real and true. James 5 helps us learn how to avoid the distracted life.

James 4: Go Humble

There is an enemy that lurks within each of us, something that wages war inside us. Its fruit is quarrels and conflicts, jealousy and selfish ambition. It manifests itself very early in our children. It leads to a life of independence and prayerlessness. It causes us to be judgmental and to think too highly of ourselves. Most significantly, it is the thing God hates and opposes inside us. What is it? Pride! What is the remedy?

August 26, 2018
Greg St. Cyr


One of the great privileges of being human is using words. Words, it turns out, are incredibly powerful, but our tongues are incredibly difficult to tame. One minute we are praising God, then we get cut off in traffic, and… James speaks to the truth of our ability to build up or destroy through our words, and points us to the truth that our words are a window into our satisfied or unsatisfied hearts.

August 19, 2018
Pat Linnell

JAMES 2: Faith without works

Digging into James 2, we unpack how our faith is dead if we aren’t producing works and explore how real faith in Jesus leads to an abiding faith, an active faith that overflows from our hearts in the form of works.

August 12, 2018
Jake Wieduwilt


Life doesn’t always go the way we expect. Unfortunately, no one escapes life’s challenges - whether it’s a rebellious teenager, a troubled marriage, a life-ending prognosis or something as simple as the result of a poor decision. What is important is understanding how and why God allows these things to happen to us. How we respond to our trials and challenges is always an indicator of our faith and trust in Jesus.

August 5, 2018
Brian Hopper