Come and Have Breakfast


I love breakfasts with my husband. It is our connecting time. We share delicious food, but mostly we share our hearts.

Too many times we reduce our time with God to asking Him what His will is for us. That would be like me only talking to my husband at breakfast about my “to do” list for the day. It matters, but it isn’t intimacy. Intimacy grows as we share our hearts with one another and enjoy each other’s presence.

Do you know that God wants to be with you in that way?

John 20 records Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances, first to Mary Magdalene, then to the disciples who were hiding in a locked room, and then eight days later to the disciples again, when Jesus showed his nail scars to Thomas.

But John 21 is even better to me! The first verse says: “After this Jesus revealed Himself again to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias, and He revealed Himself in this way.” I love the word revealed. It reminds me that Jesus wanted His friends to know Him.

Jesus comes to them by the sea and tells them where to get a boatload of fish. Ahhh….the familiar Jesus who they know.

After the disciples catch 153 fish, Jesus makes a comforting, amazing, joyful invitation to the disciples. In John 21: 12 it is recorded that Jesus said: “Come and have breakfast.”  

Jesus gave them bread and fish. And then He talked about love.

This past week I was a part of a group of ladies who were sharing personal meditations from Isaiah 55, which begins with an invitation: “Come, everyone who thirsts…” One of the ladies in the group noted that if God invites us to come, He will be there when we come. We don’t send out invitations to a party and then go shopping while people arrive.

At Bay Area Community Church in January, the women’s ministry hosted a Quiet Retreat. We practiced some spiritual disciplines together to help us connect with God, which we will discuss in future blog posts. But the backdrop to the spiritual disciplines is not to be missed. The reason the spiritual disciplines are real and will bring so much life and joy to you is because God is relational, and His intent and deep desire has always been to be intimate with you. He invites you to come. Come to the waters. Come and have breakfast. Just come.

At the Quiet Retreat we discussed three techniques for connecting with God – three ways of responding to God’s personal invitation to come:

  1. The Breath Prayer
  2. Lectio Divina
  3. Listening Prayer

Look for future blog posts summarizing these simple spiritual disciplines that can help you answer Jesus’ call to “come and have breakfast.”

Our part is to go. Go to Jesus - knowing that He longs for us. The resurrected Christ in all of His glory invited His disciples to breakfast. Can you hear His invitation to you?

Posted on October 21, 2015 .