Thank you for your interest in serving with Winter Relief

Winter Relief (WR) is a program organized by the Arundel House of Hope in an effort to get homeless people off the streets during the cold months. Homeless people can either apply or be recommended for the program. Only 25-30 people per region (there are three regions in Anne Arundel County) can participate at a time due to space limitations. In order to be accepted to the program, people must be clean (not currently addicted to drugs), sober, and adhere to the few, reasonable rules that WR requires.

In March last year, Bay Area hosted 25 homeless men & women who were a part of WR. We had a great time with them and are excited to be a part of the program again this year. From March 13-20, we will have the opportunity to bless the guests who will reside within the walls of 884. We will serve them dinner and breakfast every day as well as provide a bagged lunch. We'll also provide them with fun activities and useful resources.

This opportunity to love and feed the hungry and homeless happens best in the context of community. Right now, Missional Communities are signing up to serve meals, provide activities, and services for our future guests. If you are not in a Missional Community, you can learn more about them by clicking here. And if you'd still like to serve or help with Winter Relief this year, please fill out the short form below. We'll try our best at sending you some opportunities to serve the week before Winter Relief starts (you can expect an email from us by about March 8).

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