Requesting Technical Services

Thank you for scheduling an event at Bay Area. Because of the limited availability of both facilities and technicians, we require separate requests for each. Therefore, we ask within ONE WEEK of submitting a building usage form that you must also submit to Bay Area's Technical Ministries some information to ensure we can accommodate your event. Below is a checklist of things you need to consider for your event and information we need from you. 

  • Do you require technical services in more than one location for your event? You will need to fill out a "tech request form" for all locations.
  • Do you need mice, music, or anything else requiring a sound tech? Fill out the sound section of the "tech request form."
  • Are you having a band or performer? More than one? Fill out the "band worksheet" for each.
  • Are you using video or slides? Do you need song lyrics to be displayed? Do you want to use cameras for your event? Fill out the video section of the "tech request form." Also, use media requirements box for reference.
  • How will you be using lighting? Does the general lighting look sufficient or do you need custom lighting scenes? Fill out the lighting section of the "tech request form."

Once you have completed and submitted all the necessary forms, we will confirm with you our availability, as well as ask any questions that may have arisen from your "tech request form" answers. Also, changes to an event after a request has been submitted may not be able to be accommodated, though we will certainly try. 

There is an additional $50 per hour charge for av assistance, this is paid directly to the operator due at the conclusion of the event. 

Media Requirements

  • We prefer to use presentation software called ProPresenter for all digital media displayed (beside DVDs).
  • Our screens have a resolution of 1280x720. We can display media of other resolutions via scaling, but that may change the quality of your media or require letter boxing to maintain proper aspect ratio. 
  • We do support DVD playback via DVD player. We do not offer support of Blu-Ray media. 
  • We can also use digital video files for playback, but we cannot guarantee support for all media due to the tremendous number of available codecs. We prefer video files using QuickTime file format with h.264 encoding.

We require that all media be submitted at least one week in advance of the event so we can assemble any presentations (if necessary) and verify proper display and playback on our system. This allows us time to troubleshoot and work with you to correct any problems that might arise. Also, if one or more performers/band are part of the event and require their lyrics to be displayed, we also require a set list and/or lyrics in text format at least one week in advance. 

If you require any intensive media presentations - song lyrics, sermon/lecture slides, etc. - we may determine a projectionist is required.