Submarine Canyon is an environment for your elementary aged child, Kindergarten – 5th grade.  In the Submarine Canyon we encourage the children and parents to “dive deep” into the word of God. We provide different atmospheres and experiences every Sunday to emphasize the lessons and use our time together to its capacity!

Our large group time is our time for worship, allowing everyone to be energized for the Lord with music, stories, and games! During this time the Life App is introduced, the Bible story of the day is presented, and the bottom line for the week is discussed. Our offering is collected and we stress that offering is bringing to God what is already His. We strive to be “kids helping kids” and our offering projects are geared towards helping other children locally and globally.

After we have had our large group time we break into small groups. Our small group leaders build relationships by using activities, games, discussion, and other tools. Our desire is to help children dive deeper into the Word helping them to determine how to apply the life app to their every day lives. We practice prayer during our small group times every week. Prayer is our way of communicating with God. We desire for every child to know they can talk to God anywhere, anytime. We place a special emphasis on prayer during the 4th week of every month. We use prayer journals as a way of reflection and application to their lives. 

Our prayer is that every elementary child walks out of Bay Area knowing these 3 core truths: 

I need to make a wise choice
I can trust God no matter what
I should treat others the way I want to be treated  


Have questions about your child's Submarine Canyon experience? Please contact Elementary Coordinator: Tammy Taschenberger or Elementary Assistant: Aimee Coyle.