Missional Communities (MC)

We believe spiritual growth happens best in community. God didn’t design us to live in isolation or to walk in our faith alone, but rather created us to grow through being with others who are also focused on Him. 

We define a missional community as a community of people living as extended family who love God back, love each other, and love their neighbors.

Extended family describes the nature of our relationships together. It speaks to the interconnectedness and interdependence of our relationships as God’s people.  Rather than simply being in community for community’s sake, our desire is to be in the type of community that fosters spiritual growth and enables us to become more like Christ.

We believe this type of community has three focuses: UP, IN and OUT.


love god back


We love God back through faithful obedience, worship, and prayer.

LOVe each other


We love one another through mutual commitment and care, while growing in our knowledge and practice of His word.

LOVE Your neighbor


We love our community by going beyond our own community to serve and share the Gospel with those who are near to us yet far from Jesus.


We have over 50 groups that meet in and around Anne Arundel County each night of the week. Each group consists of folks just like you and me: all ages and stages of spiritual growth. They gather together over dinner or snacks, dig into the Word, share prayer requests for each other and lost friends and family members, and more. Most groups grow close and spend social time outside the designated meeting time.

The best way to learn more about which MC might be right for you is to join us at our next Missional Community Taster event. We host our Tasters on the 2nd Sunday of every month from 12:45 pm to 2 pm in The Warehouse. We'll provide a light lunch, KidCare, a unique experience of what a missional community is, and a list of open groups to choose from. We hope you'll join us! Register using the button above.