Application for Ministry Partnership

In order to become a Ministry Partner at Bay Area Community, there are 4 main items that need to be completed: 

  1. Complete First Step
  2. Application for Ministry Partnership (married couples may complete the application together)
  3. Attend Second Step
  4. One-on-one Dialogue with an Elder (married couples will complete their dialogue together)


Before starting this application, please complete the following tasks:

- Write out your personal testimony* (about three paragraphs) to copy and paste below. Unsure where to start? Click here for some helpful guidelines.
*Both spouses are required to write out & submit their individual testimonies.

Read our position papers and be ready to assent or dissent and elaborate on your stance.


The application below should take about 15 minutes to complete. The form cannot be saved, so you must complete it in one sitting.
Also, hitting the back button in your browser will delete any information you've already entered.

Name *
Gender *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Address *
Phone *
Spouse's Name (if applicable)
Spouse's Name (if applicable)
Is your spouse also applying to become a Ministry Partner?
If yes, please complete the following section as well:
Spouse's Date of Birth
Spouse's Date of Birth
Spouse's Phone
Spouse's Phone
Please note if they are living at home or not.
Church experience
If filling out as a couple, please designate separate answers by name. Ex: Sue serves in Women's Ministry, Bill teaches a learning community.
Please list any missional communities, serving teams, missions trips, or special events/conferences you have attended here.
List each church, how long you attended, if you became a member, and why you left that church.
Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? *
Feel free to copy/paste from a word processing program.
Have you been baptized as an adult? *
Has your spouse been baptized as an adult?
Bay Area's Position Papers
Have you read Bay Area's position papers on Abortion, Biblical Marriage, Speaking in Tongues, Men and Women in Church Leadership, and Water Baptism? *
You must have read these before going on to this next section. Visit before you move on.