Learning communities are intended to strengthen your biblical knowledge, character and/or practical ministry skills. They are also an opportunity to get to know others at Bay Area on Sunday mornings in an environment of learning and interaction. Scroll down to view our current Learning Community opportunities. For more information, contact Pat.


A message from Pat Linnell on Learning Communities —

If you are like me, Jesus is not just the way we start a Sunday morning, but the way that we start every day – and live every day. He is the Author, Creator, and Sustainer of life. He is alive and well, seated in power, and involved in our everyday lives. He is all together helpful and has served us exceedingly well. The closer we live connected with Jesus, the closer our lives are aligned with our purpose and filled with joy. We get to know and walk with this Jesus, and that friends, is a gift.

One of the primary ways we get to know Jesus better is to know the Bible better. The Bible is not just an old crusty religious book of rules. Rather it is God’s inspired Word about Jesus that guides us to true and eternal life. Sure, it is a thick book that seems daunting, but it is for everyone, and we all can have an accurate grasp on its message. I believe that time spent learning and applying the bible in a community of people trying to do the same ultimately will lead to spiritual growth.

This year on Sunday mornings, in smaller groups of people, we will be offering many different Learning Communities to help us learn, apply, and live out the Bible. These courses will make up 3 main emphasis of learning: Head, Heart, and Hands. These different tracks help us not only develop theologically, but also in our character, and practical life. 

UPCOMING & CURRENT learning communities



SUNDAYS AT 9:20 AM OR 11:20 AM in Room 223, WEDNESDAYS AT 7 PM (location varies). How do you relate to your money? Does it tend to be your servant or your master? Ultimately, is it really your money at all? Do you seek more peace and freedom that come from managing your finances according to Biblical principles? This fall we will offer a six-week class to provide you with practical tools to help you become a better manager of your personal and family finances in the areas of planning, earning, spending, debt, saving and giving. Email Neal for Wednesday evening location updates.

- Apocalypse Now? - Principles in Eschatology (OCTOBER 29 & NOVEMBER 5)

SUNDAYS At 7:50 AM in Dock B (right side). With lots of chatter about the end of the world on social media lately, we want to talk about what the bible says about end times. Join Pastor Ed Kelley as we explore scripture and theology related to eschatology. 

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