As the leadership community of Bay Area Community Church, we want to unite around a common foundation of leadership and further equip leaders for fulfilling God’s mission. We desire that the leadership at BACC reflect the life and leadership of Jesus. We want a culture of biblical, godly leadership where every called leader is trained and supported to lead for the glory of God; to essentially lead like Jesus.

This is why we have started a new initiative that many of you have likely heard about called (surprisingly) - Lead Like Jesus. We desire for every leader to ‘lead like Jesus’. Which means our character, our knowledge, and skills would all align with how Jesus did (and does) ministry. LLJ is our way of helping you to continue to grow as a leader. 

I want to invite you to join me for at our first LLJ Learning Community on April 19th at 9:30 AM in the Docks where we will focus on the character of a leader. This will be an interactive learning experience that will help further equip you as a leader. 


However, Before you sign up...

...we desire that everyone who attends to the Learning Community on April 19 to have the same foundational understanding of what we are talking about. That foundation was laid at our leader dinner on February 22. A lot of you joined us for that, but some of you were not able to. If you couldn't join us, we made a video for you! It's below. Please watch it before signing up for the Lead Like Jesus Learning Community.



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