If you would like to request KidCare for your ministry event, please read the following information and complete the form below.



If you haven't yet, please complete the Building Usage Form and indicate that you need KidCare at your event.


1 1/2 TO 2 MONTHS

As you advertise your event, make sure to include that KidCare will be provided when specified in their registration in all of your announcements. 


  • Plan and budget for ½ hour to an hour of setup and cleanup. The workers get paid $10 an hour.
  • If the event is over an hour you will need to budget for a snack. KidCare will take care of providing the snack, but you will be responsible for the cost.
  • If you would like to provide an activity during your event, you will need to budget for activity expenses.

How many children you are expecting? Based on your estimation, the KidCare Coordinator will give you the minimum number of workers needed for your event. At least 2 workers are required for each room.

Select a contact person for your event that can be "on call" during the event and act as security within the building. Prior to your event, this person will need to discuss expectations with our security administrator. This person should not be someone who is "on stage" or running your event but should be an additional staff member or adult volunteer. 

What is your plan for registration? As RSVPs come in, you will need to provide the KidCare Coordinator with children's names, DOB, and all allergies.

Keep the KidCare Coordinator up to date as registration for your event progresses. This will help in securing the appropriate number of KidCare workers. Make sure to plan for a hard end date for your registration about a week before your event so that we can be certain we have the needed number of workers for your event.



KidCare is based on children to worker ratios. The more workers we have, the more children you can have. Once registration is closed and the number of kids to worker ratio are met, the event is considered closed and additional children will not be accepted unless further conversation is had between you and the KidCare Coordinator.

The KidCare Coordinator will:

  • Ensure background checks are run on all workers.
  • All workers meet the KidCare requirements.
  • Reserve a room for KidCare at your event.
  • Arrange any activities for the children for the day of your event, unless you have otherwise specified.
  • Provide the snack (if needed) for the event.



The KidCare Coordinator will be there at the beginning of the event to register children at KidCheck and to make sure all of the workers arrive promptly. Make sure your contact person meets with the KidCare Coordinator and workers 30 minutes prior to the event. Once the kids are all checked in, the coordinator will leave.

After the event, you are in charge of making sure the room is returned to how it was before the event (trash taken out, toys put away, etc.). To help with this, there will be a designated KidCare Team Leader for each event. The Team Leader will need to meet with your contact person to know who to check in with for security needs.



The KidCare Coordinator will submit all of the time sheets so that your workers will be promptly paid.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please email the KidCare Coordinator Dax Clinkscale. He will also be available to meet with you on Tuesdays in the office.