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About Happy Helpers

Every Sunday at different times, a rotating team of Happy Helper volunteers gather to make and pack 300 lunches. On Monday, those bagged meals are finalized and delivered to the Stanton Center off of Clay Street in Annapolis. The Stanton Center stands tall as the lone beacon of hope for people in the Clay Street neighborhood. Every day after school and throughout the summer, children come knocking on the center doors for their homework helper club. There they get help with their homework and eat one of the bagged meals. Those meals are typically dinner.

Many Missional Communities and individuals at Bay Area look forward to their turn to volunteer their time in the meal-making process. Despite the 75-person volunteer army, there are always more opportunities to get involved with Happy Helpers. If the mission of Happy Helpers resonates with you and you’d like to get yourself, your Missional Community, or your family involved in serving, please contact Trevin Hoekzema at trevin.hoekzema@ bayareacc.org or feel free to contact Jeremy directly at jjd@me.com.

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