Coral Reef is an environment for your three, four, and five year olds.  We desire for your child to know:

God loves me

God made me

Jesus wants to be my friend forever

Every month we focus on one of these 3 basic truths with a Bible story, worship, and engaging, creative activities. In the Coral Reef, we are preparing them for elementary by introducing them to large/small group environments.  The story, offering, worship and prayer time take place in our large group space then they are dismissed to their small group time where activities and relationships go deeper.

 Worship is an important part of our Sunday mornings. We show God how wonderful He is by singing and praising him using all of our senses. We use an interactive DVD for worship and if you are interested in purchasing any of our worship materials, they are available for purchase at the Children’s Welcome counter.  This is a great way to demonstrate that worship doesn’t just happen at church. 

Offering in the Coral Reef is all about kids helping kids. Each week we take an offering and talk with our preschoolers about the different ways their dollars serve our God. Our offering projects are geared towards helping children locally and globally.


Have questions about your preschooler's Coral Reef experience? Please contact Courtney Gregory.