College Bound

        To Drink or Not to Drink 

        10 Talks to Have Before Arriving on Campus

        Finding Community in College

        How to Choose a College

       Gap Year

       Rethinking Worldview

       Sex on Campus

       Finishing Strong

       College Debt

       Stress and Depression


   Memory Verse Challenge 

   52 Family Dinner Discussions 

  Family Moving Guide 

  20 Family Prayer Practices



       Parent/ Child Contracts

       Help for students with Mental Illness

       Raising Adult Children 

      Helping Parents Talk About Music 

      Moving from You Should to Should You 

      Helping Parents Understand Discipline 

     Top 5 Trends 

     Avoiding the Big But

    Truth About Quantity Time With Your Kids 

     Empowering Your Kids to Choose 

    Helping Parents Talk To Their Kids About Music



      Gender Ideology Harms Children

      Talking About Sex     

      The Power of Porn  

      The Bait & Switch of Hooking Up 

      So you have a friend who is a Mormon


Spiritual Growth

      10 Steps to Take in your New Relationship with God

      Serving Together- Parents & Kids 

      How We Got the Bible

      52 Ways to Grow your Faith

      52 Reasons To Believe 

      Spiritual Formation 

      Helping Teens Reorder Love and Life 

      The "Sweet Spot" for Teaching Kids Truth



     Put Away the Phone Mom

     6 Ways to Wean Teens From Screens


     Social Media 

     Technology Help for Parents and Kids 

     Helping Teens Become Smarter About Their Smart Phone 

    Six Ways to Wean Teens From Screens 

    Put Your Phone Away Mom


Recommended for Students:

Recommended For Parents

Covenant Eyes offer some amazing resources for families about the internet and the dangers of pornography. We encourage you to check out their website ( as well as some free resources from them below